How our kids act

How our parents act.

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Forming relationships

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The atmospher of 3T's Bats baseball is professional at all times on the field and in the stands.  Players, coaches, and parents will be held to the utmost standards in that regard.



 We do not define success solely on wins and losses but rather the improvement of the individual as a whole.  We look at the whole child, not just the baseball player.  We develop teams that play well fundamentally and exhibit a true understanding of sportsmanship, and teamwork.  We will be the best in regard to citizenship, teamwork and fundamentals. 



 Coaches will have the safety and general well-being of the players in mind.  Our coaches will not intimidate players, embarrass or ridicule them.  Our coaches will treat the players with respect.  All coaches will be held to the highest standard of child development and are ultimately responsible for the answering to the Director. 




  • Players are not allowed to argue with coaches, parents or umpires for any reason.
  • Foul language and profanity are not tolerated at any time.
  • Good Sportsmanship is a quality that is exemplified by our players.  Taunting of your own, as well as opposing players, fans or umpires, will not occur.
  • Self-indulgence by players, such as hanging one’s head after an error or mental mistake, pouting over personal failure, will have no place on the team.




  • We want the Bats to be known as a “Class Organization.” We ask the parents, relatives, and friends attending the games absolutely to not abuse umpires, opposing coaches or players as well as our own players in any way.
  • During games, parents are respectfully asked to remain a good distance away from the dugout unless asked by the coaches.  Players are instructed not to talk to their parents and friends while a game is in progress.  Please allow the only adult contact with your son during a game to be with the coaching staff. 
  • Any parent challenging the authority of a Bats coach will be asked to leave the team.  Verbal or physical abuse of coaches will not be tolerated. 
  • The Bats Baseball reserves the right to “suspend” parents from attending games at the discretion of the Director.